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For house painting in Falmouth and on Cape Cod you can count on Falmouth Painting & Wallpaper. We are schooled in the art of painting and decorating and understand that the flavor and atmosphere on Cape Cod is different than anywhere else on earth. Homes and buildings on the cape have a certain character and style which must be taken into account with any restoration project. Properties on the cape are more susceptible to factors like sun, wind, and moisture so extra care must be taken in surface preparation and finish application.
Those of us who live here appreciate the beauty and unique characteristics of the Cape. It’s easy to see that all across the U.S. entire communities are built using cape style architecture. You can get the sense that in many places they would like to capture the charm of Cape Cod as well. Allow us to help you determine the best colors and finish for your house or commercial building in Falmouth and beyond. Make a statement with your property. Call today for a consultation and a free estimate.
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